Dear customers, there’s a load of rules and guidance that needs to be in place for us to open and stay open.


Please don’t come out to play if you feel unwell or have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.
We’ll be leaving the doors to the outside open at all times for ventilation, WEAR A JUMPER!
We will have 4 seating pods inside, 3 pods in yard and 2 pods at the front. There is no standing, except briefly when ordering/paying.
Each seating pod can be up to 6 people consisting of one household or a support bubble.
Social distancing (SD) and a one-way system will be in place, with arrival at the front door off Fossgate, and exit via the gate onto Strakers Passage.
There will be a host to seat each group on arrival. We’ll have to turn you away if there is no seating pod available.
You should use the hand sanitizer at the front door and each group will be asked to fill in the online form for track and trace with your data being kept for 21 days.
You can order and pay at the bar but you will not be able to loiter and chat as in the olden days, and when queuing SD rules apply.
If it’s busy use one-way system to return to your seating pod.
There are two toilets available at rear, with space for only limited queuing and a one-way system.
Drinks will be brought to your table and bar staff will disinfect and clear the table and glassware on your departure.
We will supply laminated wipe-clean menus which will be cleaned between sittings.

We are an off-licence too and you can order drinks to take away.